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HQ & Koriyama Factory
Exhaust equipment (hydrofluoric acid scrubber)
Waste water processing equipment
Hydrogen storage

In May 2006, all of SCREEN SPE Quartz's sites passed integrated quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), and safety (ISO45001) tests and received certification in those areas.

SCREEN SPE Quartz has dedicated a great deal of attention to the establishment of safety measures in the work environment, to ensure a stable supply of high quality products. There is more than adequate space for all the machinery and workers within our factories, and the air, temperature, and humidity are carefully controlled. We are also working to make each and every SCREEN SPE Quartz engineer more conscious of safety. In addition, in order to prevent the various dangers that can lurk in the work environment, we are promoting the construction of a high-level occupational health and safety management system that complies with ISO 45001 standards.

In our effort to fulfill our obligations as a global business, we have also established a manufacturing system that accounts for the needs of the environment.

All of our engineers are involved in our efforts to save resources and conserve energy throughout our manufacturing processes, of course. We clean up any wastewater and waste fluids generated during processing, as well as removing pollutants from air that has been contaminated due to the use of hydrofluoric acid. This helps to reduce our impact on the global environment. All our factory wastewater outlets are equipped with sensors, and if the effluent does not satisfy purification standards for any reason, our double-safe system immediately intercepts that waste. Our commitment to environmental conservation has now been recognized, as evidenced by our certification under the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard.