Technical Expertise for Greater Precision

At SCREEN SPE Quartz, We Fuse Techniques and Tools to Achieve Accuracy on a Micron Order

Accuracy on the order of microns, even greater precision than ever before, is achieved by uniting workers' skills and the power of their tools. This is the basis of product manufacturing at SCREEN SPE Quartz. In order to ensure a stable level of high quality wafer cleaning, an absolute necessity in semiconductor manufacturing, an accuracy of ±5 microns is essential during the production of the silica glass processing baths (quartz tanks) where that cleaning operation takes place. However, there are times when machine-precision is not possible in the processing of micro parts and in welding and advanced techniques are required in order to improve the production accuracy of those large-scale quartz tanks that are used with 300 mm diameter wafers. In addition, two or more quartz tanks are installed in a single wafer-cleaning machine and uniform quality is demanded from each one.
At SCREEN SPE Quartz, we have consistently delivered high customer satisfaction by solving such problems on a higher dimension. And that foundation is evident in the many different approaches that only SCREEN SPE Quartz can offer.
qualification system

Proprietary technical skill recognition system

SCREEN SPE Quartz has introduced a qualification system targeting all of our engineers. A biannual test has been implemented and the skill required for each process that an engineer is in charge of is evaluated in five stages (15 items per stage). The results have been vital to a further improvement in technical skills, and we continue our efforts to have each and every one of our engineers reach the "Skilled" level.

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Caliper measurement

Independent development of high-performance tools

We have independently developed high-performance tools made of carbon. By then using the same tool in each of the welding and annealing processes, we have produced an improvement in accuracy and in the uniformity of quality.

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Strain measurement
Moire inspection

Implementing ISO9001

We have introduced the "ISO9001" international standard into our quality management system. Along with making inspection of each individual process obligatory, the precision of product dimensions is measured with a 3D metrology system accurate to 1/10,000 mm. After each product is formed, its full exterior is visually and thoroughly checked, and any process from welding onward is repeated as many times as necessary until that product fully conforms to standards. That way, only products completed to high "SCREEN SPE Quartz" criteria are supplied to our customers.

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